Delek Oil Refineries


Delek oil was established in 2003 with the goal of creating and marketing fuels while significantly contributing to the well-being of the environment.

Our central product is heating fuel that is produced from recycled fuels that has been refined and enhanced-heating fuel that is made of clean fuels and kerosene (crude oil). The fuel is produced at a refinery in Southern Israel and is operated using advanced technologies of the highest quality that have been approved and inspected by the Environmental Protection Ministry and the Standards Institute.

Delek oil heating fuels have a high burn rate and there quality are better than diesel fuels or mazut. The heating fuel is intended for water heating systems.

Delek Oil Refineries produce and distill fuels and oils using advanced that is recycling-based technology and provide the utmost protection of the environment.  The products offered to its clients are light fuels used for commercial and residential air systems, high quality form oils, solar fuel for transportation and fuel oil which are all produced in adherence with the Israeli standard.  The company also provides a waste oil suction service and waste removal from garages and industrial factories.

The company’s refinery distills the waste oils and produces from them high quality oils and fuels.   The techniques are based on international knowledge and the most advanced computerized supervision available.

The process enables the production of safe, cost effective fuels with a long recycling life for equipment that comes in contact with the fuels and oils.

The company’s activities, oil recycling and the preparation for its reuse, avoid harm and damage to the surrounding grounds and water supply, provide an advanced technological and environmental solution and contribute to the field of global energy preservation.