Ford Municipal Systems


Ford municipal systems is the leader in providing cleaning and landscape maintenance services for cities, municipalities and factories throughout the country. The company offers, including steam washing, street and open area cleaning by both manual and mechanical sweeping as well as graffiti removal using sandblasting technology.

The company was established in 1994 and as of today, employs 900 workers and managers who are all company employees. While maintaining the highest safety standards, the employees are trained based on the needs of a specific task they will be performing or based on an event they will participate in.

Ford Municipal Systems specializes in planning and managing cleaning services, maintenance and preservation.  The company provides its services to tens of municipalities and local authorities, large factories as well as large-scale event production companies.  The company’s teams ensure that their work is carried out with adherence to environmental indices and the strictest environmental standards.  Emphasis is placed on environmental techniques and innovative equipment, while avoiding the use of chemicals and detergents and the removal of waste at designated landfill sites.

Ford Municipal Systems has tens of sweeping trucks, power wash vehicles, compactor trucks and underground waste container removal trucks.   Street cleaning and open-air waste removal is done using a manual-mechanical sweep truck and the wall cleaning tasks are done using a sandblaster.

The company is leading the way in the field of underground waste containers and has set goals to gradually replace allabove ground containers in cities.  These innovative containers are designed based on the needs of the municipal authorities.  They are safe and significantly contribute to the wellbeing and health of the residents and the environment