Talus Fuel Marketing


Talus Fuel Marketing specializes in providing fueling solutions for industrial facilities, Hi-Tech companies and security companies nationwide.  The company markets intelligent fueling systems based on fitted fueling devices or fueling cards and is also the fuel supplier of the companies, the factories and the industrial and agricultural end units.

The company offers two main fueling solutions: implementation of fueling device that expedite the fueling and do away with a manual payment at point of sale or exiting the car at the gas station.  The fueling cards enable easy and comfortable payment at the gas pumps.  Both solutions allow the person in charge of the company vehicles to control the fuel expenses of the organization while private clients use it to centralize their usage data for a periodic payment at a special rate.

The company operates according to all the required standards. The fuel or solar fuel arrives at the gas stations or collection points directly from the refineries in sealed, locked containers.