Tech Energy Boiler & Piping


Techenergy Boiler & Piping specializes in planning, producing, erecting and maintenance of energy related projects, a considerably massive industry

in the country and the world.  The company creates solar systems, pressure containers and steam heaters, fire rooms, fire extinguishing systems, thermal oil heaters and central air systems.  Additionally, the company also develops heating equipment for greenhouses and supplies gas burners along with burners for heavy fuels and solar fuel.

The company has three central departments – Projects, production and operations.   Projects are executed based on the client’s specs, with chain of supply supervision and quality assurance based on the strictest standards.  Industrial sites throughout the country make use of the provided services, including large local companies, in order to upgrade their production process and preserve their materials.

Due to its familiarity with the world market, the company also imports quality products used by Israeli industries. Additionally, the company also represents a number of international energy companies among them companies that specialize in Clean-Tech.